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May 17 2014


Workout Tips To Meet Your Over-40 Fitness Needs

exercises for 40s Take up aerobic activities; some of the best options are brisk walking, jogging, cycling, swimming and jumping rope. Pace yourself You fitness levels drop during the middle years. You cannot push yourself to exercise and workout. But, its a great idea to squeeze in moderate physical activity for at least 30 minutes every day or at least the bare minimum to stay healthy and cut down your chronic disease risk. Moderately intense cardio for 10 minutes a day, 10 minutes of aerobics a day and 10 minutes of strength training twice a week can give you sufficient workout. How much exercise do you really need? Whenever you make an exercise regimen, you must figure out the time you are spending and how it feels at the end of the workout. If external link youre not tired and think you can stretch it by 5 minutes, add on another five minutes.
More http://www.onlymyhealth.com/workout-tips-to-meet-your-over-40-fitness-needs-1400149627

February 19 2014



This is a type of super-bug that has become resistant to penicillin-type antibiotics. Numerous MRSA outbreaks in school gyms and locker rooms have fostered enhanced cleaning and sanitation practices. Guidelines for lessening the chance of fostering an environment that encourages the spread of MRSA include: keeping uniforms, towels, and equipment clean and disinfected after each use; repairing any torn padded benches; keeping hands sanitized; and maintaining a close watch for sores that fester. These specific cleaning practices seem to be just a part of the general movement to greater public sanitation, which includes increased use of antibacterial soap, hand sanitizer fluids, and antiseptic wipes. Grocery stores now offer sanitary wipes at the entrance for use on the handles of carts. Sanitizer fluidswith the antiseptic Triclosan are for sale at the cashiers station. However, epidmiologists now say that Triclosan-containing products don't provide any disease protection view beyond what you get from washing with ordinary soap and warm water. Because internet hundreds of thousands of people are infected with serious respiratory diseases such as influenza each year and many require hospitalization, the Center for Disease Control is pushing for greater use of immunization and sanitary practices to curtail the spread of disease.
More http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/02/18/1278677/-Gym-nasty

February 13 2014


Bodybuilding And Mood Swings

While the payoffs can be immense, both in terms of physical appearance and professional success, there are also risks. home page People involved in the sport can experience serious mood swings as a consequence of the bodybuilding lifestyle. There are several factors that can contribute to this. Experiencing Euphoria Bodybuilding can provide a lot of excitement and a real sense of achievement. Bodybuilders can experience euphoria if Max Workouts pdf they achieve a personal record for a particular lift or if they reach a milestone in their training, such as reaching a certain level of body fat or seeing muscle striation for the first time. Combined with the post-workout endorphin rush, stress reduction and the satisfaction of seeing the muscle "pump" after a hard workout, it's little wonder that many bodybuilders experience a natural "high" on a regular basis. Fighting Depression The natural opposite of the euphoric state is depression. Bodybuilders can experience depression soon after a sense of euphoria.
Source: http://www.livestrong.com/article/548890-bodybuilding-mood-swings/

January 31 2014


welcome to my online journey

welcome to my online journey
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